Apprenticeship Profile

Organizational Overview

smaller-thriftlogoThe Thrift Shop of Boston is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children and families served by The Home for Little Wanderers. One of the oldest of its kind in the city, the Thrift Shop has been in business for over 80 years. During that time, the shop has supported many local charitable organizations, including The Home, and provided them with generous financial contributions. As of May 1, 2000, The Home became the sole agency to benefit from the Thrift Shop, receiving 100% of its proceeds.

Description of Job

Apprentice will work alongside staff helping run the shop by stocking items that have been donated. The job will include straightening shelves, organizing clothing, and helping customers.

Yanisa and Kathleen discuss pricing strategies.

Yanisa and Kathleen discuss pricing strategies.

Time Frame

Six Tuesdays from 1:45 – 3:45pm.

“The kids self select the work site they are interested in which is great. We are introduced to the kids through a video to get an idea of their interests before they even begin and the Apprentice Learning staff come in and touch base regularly. Because the apprentices work with the public right alongside of us they are exposed to how to talk to people from all walks of life. Some kids from urban neighborhoods may come from disadvantaged homes. When we treat them like adults and let them know we have expectations we find they rise to the occasion. They follow directions and we see them take the initiative to ask for the next task.”

Kathleen Kechijian, Thrift Shop of Boston Board Member, volunteer and apprentice mentor.

“Make sure you are good at the job, don’t lollygag, don’t sit in the corner, don’t use your phone when you are not supposed to, make sure you have your eyes open, you are doing the job right. If you mess up, apologize, and hopefully they will understand. Don’t be rude to your boss, that’s the main person who will give you a recommendation.”

Yanisa, apprentice.

Yanisa designing a window display The Thrift Shop of Boston.

Yanisa designing a window display The Thrift Shop of Boston.