Learn By Doing

Eighth grade can be the start of something great; all it takes is an opportunity to prepare kids to positively shape their future careers.

Apprentice Learning gives students in eighth grade in the Boston Public Schools exposure to the culture of work through short apprenticeships and hands-on learning. Adult professionals boost students’ practical skills and insights necessary for success in the workplace and in life.

Working with Boston Public Schools since 2012, Apprentice Learning tackles the opportunity gap, the disparity in access to quality educational resources and social capital needed for all children to be successful.

Apprentice Learning is an integral part of the eighth grade curriculum, where students discover a wide array of career options and identify their strengths and interests, all during the school day.

Students embark on a self-exploration of their skills and build proficiency in communication and self-presentation. Subsequent workplace experience provides opportunities to practice these skills alongside adult professionals while using critical thinking and problem solving skills in a workplace setting.

It is never too early to realize one’s career dreams. Through Apprentice Learning’s programs, Boston’s youth are inspired to discover their futures, engage in their communities, and build necessary skills and habits for a successful life.