Mission Statement

Every young person is entitled to pursue a fulfilling work life. Our programs leverage career exploration to teach skills and to nurture dreams.

Apprentice Learning teaches skills and connects middle school students to businesses to develop mindsets that prepare them for future success. This knowledge helps shape future goals and improves engagement in the classroom by making concrete links between academic and career achievement.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
Apprentice Learning strives to have a board and staff who reflect the students we serve. To that end, staff is expected to recognize and value racial, religious, cultural, ethnic, economic, gender diversity as well as diversity of opinion and learning style. We strive to create a culture where staff, students, families, school and work partners are treated with respect and dignity. Staff is encouraged to engage in ongoing learning to increase personal effectiveness regarding diversity and inclusion. We agree to motivate and encourage one another regarding the everyday practice of diversity and inclusion.