Boston Public School 8th Graders Get On The Job Experience
May 28, 2015. Jamaica Plain, MA. Youth unemployment may be at an all time high, especially in urban neighborhoods but for a group of 8th graders from two Boston Public Schools, career aspirations abound. These students, part of a nonprofit career exploration program called Apprentice Learning, have had the opportunity to work alongside of adults in local businesses as part of their regular school day. And their experiences are paying off with summer job offers.

New Apprenticeship Program Exposes Eighth Grade Students To The World Of Work
Oct 30, 2013. This week, businesses throughout Jamaica Plain and Roslindale will be training young workers in administrative skills, customer service, and other tasks essential to the workplace. Learning from an experienced owner or staff person is not unusual except that, for this group, eighth graders from the Mission Hill School and BTU School in Jamaica Plain, it will be their first work experience—ever.

8Th Grade Apprentices Step Into The World Of Work At New England Baptist Hospital
Mar 3, 2014. The team was huddled around the light box, scanning the x-rays intently, XX offering clues from a few steps away. This might seem a common occurrence in the Radiology
department except that team members’ average age was 14 years old.

Anne Jean Chosen For Project 351 Roslindale’s Service Ambassador With Governor Patrick
Jan 1, 2014. Roslindale–Apprentice Learning is pleased to announce that Anne Jean from the Boston Teachers Union School has been selected to participate in Governor Deval Patrick’s community service program, Project 351. Project 351 is dedicated to celebrating youth leadership, inspiring the ethic of service, and honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.