“Many of our grade 8 students experience the world of work for the first time as a result of their internships with Apprentice Learning and the experience has proven to be tremendously impactful and eye opening for them. We have witnessed students’ growth and developing maturity as a result of the program. Our faculty agreed to provide classroom time for the program because we recognize the importance and value of making learning relevant to students’ lives beyond school to ensure that students acquire both exposure to the rich career offerings in their community, the ‘soft skills’ essential to job success, and critical support finding jobs and programs that support their interests.”

–Betsy Drinan, Boston Teachers Union School

Mission Hill K-8 School, Jamaica Plain

Boston Teachers Union School K-8 Pilot School, Jamaica Plain

Jackson/Mann K-8 School, Brighton 

Gardner Pilot Academy, Brighton

Apprentice Learning works with Boston public middle schools who place a priority on developing career awareness and skills in middle schools and who value community partnerships. For more information on becoming a school partner, click here.