What’s Involved in Hosting An Apprentice?

Your workplace can inspire Boston’s youth to discover bright futures, engage in their community and practice the necessary skills and habits for a successful life.

Can you offer an opportunity for an aspirational career experience for a young person?
Apprenticeships bring a student into close contact with adults who can contribute personal career stories, teach broad concepts and share specific tasks that are integral to the work process.

Are you able to devote 12-18 hours of your time over six weeks to mentor a young person?
Work sites provide an adult supervisor who can:

  • Model behavior by describing explicit workplace attitudes and values used on a regular basis;
  • Mentor students by sharing a common work space and experience; and
  • Reflect on personal work history, explore ideas and viewpoints and offer constructive feedback on the apprentice’s performance and programs.

Is your business located in the City of Boston and easily accessible by public transportation?

Boston Public middle school students receive MBTA passes and use public transportation to travel to and from school. If your business is accessible by the MBTA, your organization can apply to be a work site partner.

Students travel up to 30 minutes from school to sites and work for 2-3 hours once a week for six weeks. Upon arrival, students call Apprentice Learning staff to confirm they have arrived. Students depart for home following their apprenticeship.

How will I know what to do with an apprentice once he or she gets here?

Apprentice Learning consults with work site partners to identify tasks that are developmentally suitable for this age group. We then match you with a student whose skills and interests best fit the culture of your organization. Students produce a video interview introducing their skills and interest in the work site. Classroom sessions prepare students before beginning their apprenticeship tasks. Apprentice Learning staff stays in close contact to monitor progress and ensure a mutually positive, fulfilling experience.

We have a growing community of over 50 corporate, nonprofit, youth advocacy, small retail businesses and biotech labs have hosted apprentices, with 30-40 who are active partners each fall or spring.  Click here to see a list of our worksite partners or contact us by email with an inquiry

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