A message on COVID-19

There is an opportunity to teach a newly emerging set of essential skills: remote work habits, oral and written communication skills, presentation efficacy … These are skills that our middle school students need in this new world.

When The Universe Says, “Pivot”, What Does Apprentice Learning Do?

COVID-19. We could stop there; except, we can’t. We have too much at stake.  The world as we know it has lost its clothing and all is laid bare. Schools, businesses, parks, and malls are closed. With all this, one could presume that the work of Apprentice Learning has no place in this “new world”; that everything is on pause because our Apprentices have no worksites to visit each week; because summer programs may cease to exist during a global pandemic. There are a lot of ways we could hear, “NO!” in the stillness.

However, at Apprentice Learning, we hear obligation and opportunity. Our mission:  “Leveraging career explorations to teach skills and nurture dreams” still applies. Our clarion call “to spark passions and interests; to give a sense of purpose to a young person’s present and future” hasn’t changed.

So when the Universe says, “Pivot”, we pivot.

Experience Ignites Purpose

We believe in launching the dreams of our city’s youth.

At Apprentice Learning, we leverage career exploration to teach skills and nurture dreams for middle school students in Boston Public Schools. Our programs teach essential work skills and expose students to different careers and adults who are passionate about their professions. By sparking growth and igniting a sense of purpose, we open doors to success from summer jobs to high school, college, and eventual careers.

Learn to Earn

City Summer Internship

We provide a weekly $100 stipend for girls to explore careers by visiting a variety of workplaces and meeting women in leadership roles. Girls must be entering ninth grade in the fall of 2020, attend a Boston Public School and by July 8, have a social security number.

Our Programs

Workplace Explorations

Ignite purpose with career discovery at your workplace.


Teaching content and situations related to the demands of real life.


Invent your future.

City Summer Internship

Demystifying Boston’s skyline for Boston’s next generation of women leaders in the workplace.

In 2019, we served 286 students across 5 schools and 64 workplaces in Boston.

Our Blog

What is My Learning Zone?

Model for Comfort, Learning and Panic Zones Before an apprenticeship, we build students’ self-awareness with a variety of learning activities to help them understand their strengths, learning styles, interests and skills and how they can utilize their traits during their apprenticeships. This helps students overcome their nervousness and fear of “messing up.” The “Comfort...

Introducing our Intern, Rebekah Lyon, College for Social Innovation

  As AL expands to more schools and serves more students, interns play a crucial role in supporting program operations with teaching, administrative tasks and special projects. Apprentice Learning has been generously supported by volunteers from Boston University, Northeastern University and the College for Social Innovation, a semester-long internships for college students. Rebekah has...

APPLY NOW! City Summer Internship 2019

Apprentice Learning’s City Summer is a program for young women entering ninth grade that uses workplace experiences to develop mindsets for future success and improves engagement in the classroom by making concrete connections between personal success and career achievement. COMPLETE THIS ONLINE APPLICATION FORM TO APPLY. Using the rich array of businesses and organizations...

“Apprenticing at Community Servings taught me how to approach people and be more respectful. In the future, I will walk up to them happily and shake their hand firmly. You never know who you can meet just by saying, ‘hi.'”

– CJ, Apprentice at Community Servings

Our Supporters

We would like to thank numerous generous individuals and:

American Student Assistance (City Summer Intenship)
Bain Children’s Capital
Boston Centers for Youth and Families
Eugene F. Fay Trust
George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust #2
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Vanderbilt Family Foundation
Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation
Women4Progress Charitable Trust (City Summer Internship)

We’re Stronger Together

Join us in igniting the dreams of middle schools in Boston. Your contributions go directly to students’ needs and enable us to run our programs.

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