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Apprentice Learning provides real world work experiences for eighth grade students. We leverage career exploration to teach skills and nurture dreams for middle school students.

Our programs in Boston Public Schools are designed to teach essential work skills and habits and expose students to different careers and adults who are passionate about their professions, so that students can make a clear connection between success in school and a satisfying, productive work life.

Meet Our Apprentices

Our Programs

Workplace Explorations

Ignite purpose with career discovery at your workplace.


Teaching content and situations related to the demands of real life.

City Summer Internship

Demystifying Boston’s skyline for Boston’s next generation of women leaders in the workplace.


Reflecting on 10 Years of Service

Photo caption: Helen Russell with one of the first groups of apprentices at Boston Teachers Union “The Apprentice Learning program was my first real work experience. It showed me that I had options for my future jobs. If it wasn’t for the Apprentice Learning program, I would not have thought about my future profession...

A Blueprint for the Future

Crystal Bi Wegner works with our City Summer Interns at the Design Studio for Social InterventionPhoto Credit: Stefanie @thediahannproject “This experience better prepared me for my future through the career explorations we went on. This helped me because it allowed me to think more about what careers I may want to pursue and what...

Our Supporters

We would like to thank numerous generous individuals and:

Our Impact

Over 92% of Apprentice Learning participants report gains in Academic Motivation and Learning Interest.

87% of our 2012-2013 alums graduated from high school and 80% are enrolled in post-secondary education.

This compares to a 73% high school graduation rate and 66% college enrollment rate for the Boston Public Schools overall.

At Apprentice Learning students develop:

Skills for Success

Students practice self-presentation and communication skills in professional workplace setting.

Career Knowledge

Worksite partners ignite a sense of purpose with authentic learning.

Dreams and Plans

Students meet professionals who share and inspire their career pathways.

Learn more about our impact on middle schoolers across Boston.

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Get Involved

Young people—middle schoolers—are very curious about your world and most are eager to join you in it. We invite you to share your world of work with an adolescent: it’s opportunity to participate in civic life in a most personal way.

Together, we educate for our future. Bring community service to your workplace with Apprentice Learning!


For as little as $85, you can provide a weekly stipend for a rising ninth grade City Summer Intern.

Host Students at Your Workplace

Ignite purpose with career discovery at your workplace.

We partner with local business to create seminal experiences that give purpose to the present, but more importantly, to a young person’s future. That purpose—the thing that motivates students and moves lives forward can be found in workplaces across our city.


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