Together, we create a future.

When work experience happens at the right time in a young person’s life: passions emerge, opportunities arise, and newfound purpose propels students forward. At Apprentice Learning, we partner with businesses to build relationships that welcome all of Boston’s students to workplaces where they can begin to imagine a productive and satisfying future.

Our experienced team and unique approach match the right students to your business. Apprentice Learning’s unique approach guides you to provide an impactful experience that can ignite a sense of purpose, deepen skills and broaden a young person’s sense of their future in our community.

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My company would like to learn more about hosting a one day Workplace Exploration

This introduction to the culture and purpose of a workplace is designed for a group of 12-24 students who arrive around 10 am. A team of company professionals presents an overview of the business and participates with students in hands-on activities to practice communication and self-presentation skills while sharing career knowledge about your industry. Typically, a company would offer lunch and an opportunity to informal conversation among youth and adults. Typically, the exploration wraps up between 1pm and 2 pm.

My company would like to learn more about hosting an Apprenticeship

A company hosts 1-6 students once a week for six weeks at the same day and time. Students travel independently to your workplace and participate in activities hosted by your employees that help describe and model business practices. Apprenticeships occur during the school day, typically for two hours between the hours of 12 noon-3:30 pm. Apprentices are dismissed from the worksite to go home. Apprenticeships typically occur during November/December and February/March.

Our staff works with you to create age-appropriate tasks that are engaging and can be delivered by any member of your organization. To help you design an appropriate experience, a worksite specialist will meet with you at your business to discuss ideas and help design an apprenticeship.

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