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City Summer Internship


Workplace Explorations

Workplace Explorations ignite purpose with career discovery at your workplace.

Want a three-hour community service opportunity where your staff can share their professional passions while broadening the career horizons of Boston’s future workforce? Host a small group of middle school students at your workplace. Workplace Explorations introduce young people to the culture and purpose of your business and provide an opportunity for students to practice professional skills in the workplace.


Teaching content and situations related to the demands of real life.

In six weekly two-hour sessions in the workplace an eighth grader (or a small group of 2-5) is paired with a workplace mentor and can have an authentic opportunity to practice communication, self-presentation, and other professional skills while learning firsthand alongside an adult who is passionate about their profession.

City Summer Internship

Demystifying Boston’s skyline for the next generation of women leaders in the workplace.

2021 Summer Program Dates will be posted in December
Location: This program may be 100% virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

A paid career exploration program for Boston girls entering ninth grade where interns explore careers in Boston’s economic engine neighborhoods and learn to earn!  Weekly seminars and explorations of career fields where women are underrepresented blend to build career knowledge, self-confidence and an awareness of the myriad of career opportunities available to youth just a short distance from home in some of Boston’s fastest growing downtown neighborhoods. Interns earn a weekly stipend of $100.

Girls must be entering ninth grade in the fall of 2021 and be a Boston resident.


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