An introduction to work for 8th graders
that feeds career dreams
and provides support to get there.

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8th Grade: The Start of Something Great

Learning by Doing

Apprentice Learning is an educational program for middle-school students that offers exposure to the culture of work through short apprenticeships. Students work alongside adults and gain practical skills and insights needed to be successful in the workplace and in life.

Apprenticeships build practical intelligence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that will help students gain an understanding of the components of a successful work life. This knowledge will improve students’ employability, advance their academic interests, and support their transition to high school as well as towards a higher education pathway.

Our goal is to inspire middle school students in urban public schools in Boston to reach into the future by engaging in the wider community for near-term preparation essential to success.



    In 2011, 26 million jobs–20% of all jobs in the US–required a high level knowledge in the fields of Science Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM). Read how we introduce 8th graders to the innovation economy through our partnership with the Wyss Institute for Biological Engineering.

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    Apprenticeships motivate students as they move into high school and the world of work with a context for academic achievement in high school as well as on-the-job knowledge that will help them obtain other jobs in the near future.

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    Through a network of linked programs serving this age group, Apprentice Learning identifies and helps students apply to meaningful summer and school year internships and jobs that provide continuity during the adjustment to high school.

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    We all share the responsibility for shaping our next generation of citizens. One hundred percent (100%) of participating Site Partners have agreed to participate again because they believe in the value of their investment in Apprentices.

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