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At Apprentice Learning, experience ignites purpose.

Apprentice Learning provides real-world work experiences for eighth graders. At such a critical period in a young person’s life, these are the opportunities that ignite growth and change: sparking passions and interests,  giving a sense of purpose to the present, and more importantly, to a young person’s future.

Our aim is to launch dreams and plans for our city’s youth that lead to success in high school, college and career.

When work experience happens at the right time in a young person’s life: passions emerge, opportunities arise, and newfound purpose propels students forward. We partner with businesses to build relationships that welcome all of Boston’s students to workplaces where they can begin to imagine a productive and satisfying future.

Founded in 2012 to improve Boston’s high school graduates rates, Apprentice Learning partners with Boston public schools to support the transition from middle school by expanding students’ skills, social networks, and creating more opportunities to thrive.

Apprentice Learning’s career exploration programs are part of the regular school day at our five partner schools so that when a student leaves eighth grade, she is eligible to enter the workforce fully equipped for success in a summer job.

Over 60 area business partners volunteer to host both one-day workplace explorations or six two-hour, weekly apprenticeships where a young person comes to the workplace and completes assigned tasks or participates in hands-on workshops that highlight the skills and purpose of the business.

Get Involved

Young people—middle schoolers—are very curious about your world and most are eager to join you in it. We invite you to share your world of work with an adolescent: it’s opportunity to participate in civic life in a most personal way.

Together, we educate for our future. Bring community service to your workplace with Apprentice Learning!



For as little as $60, you can provide MBTA transportation so a young person can travel to their summer job.

Become a Worksite


Ignite purpose with career discovery at your workplace.

We partner with local business to create seminal experiences that give purpose to the present, but more importantly, to a young person’s future. That purpose—the thing that motivates students and moves lives forward can be found in workplaces across our city.



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