Apprenticeships 2022:

Typically, our program begins with in-school preparatory classes followed by an on-site apprenticeship where they work alongside adult mentors. Through sessions that occur prior to meeting their mentors, students will identify their individual strengths and learning styles, build a toolkit of communication and presentation techniques, and create their first resume. They will select from several offered apprenticeships and are matched with one of our participating worksite partners.

On average, ten apprentices participate in a workplace simulation, mentored by a team of business professionals and supported by Apprentice Learning staff. The workplace simulation is mutually developed by a participating worksite partner and Apprentice Learning staff and reflects the purpose and culture of the business. Examples include a design challenge, tackling a problem using a SWOT analysis, reviewing and discussing a case study, personal budgeting and the stock market, or a demo on cyber security.   

School year apprenticeships consist of five 60 to 90-minute sessions that occur once a week during the school day. Summer programming offers additional opportunities for sessions scheduled into three 90-minute sessions during a single week.

Outcomes for a successful student experience include an increased understanding of different types of work opportunities, acquired knowledge of workplace communication skills, improved persistence and self-efficacy, and lastly, the ability to see oneself as capable of succeeding in a wider range of work settings.  For Worksite Partners, a successful experience includes reporting a positive experience as a career mentor and the willingness to participate in the future, and a sense of having contributed to the workforce pipeline by supporting the development of future employees. 

 Following the completion of an apprenticeship, youth are supported in finding a paying summer job after eighth grade.

Ongoing Organizational Support

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    • Host a house party to introduce Apprentice Learning to a wider audience
    • Share our work with colleagues, counterparts, and professional organizations

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