Career Explorations for middle school students

Tribute to Terry Herndon, March 1934 – August 2022

We mourn the passing and celebrate the life of our longtime donor and supporter, Terry Herndon, whose initial gift in 2012, launched Apprentice Learning.

Experience Ignites Purpose

Apprentice Learning provides real-world work experiences for middle-grade youth. In direct partnership with schools and employers, we leverage career exploration to teach skills, ignite purpose, and nurture dreams.

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Our Programs

Workplace Explorations

One-day engagements with local professionals offer opportunities to meet, practice skills, and learn on the job.


Hands-on classes and real world work experiences that help youth identify interests, strengths and put their professional skills into practice with an adult mentor.


A virtual paid internship for current 9th grade alumni to deepen professional skills, and support youth in completing digital summer job applications.

City Summer Internship

A five-week paid internship where rising 9th grade alumna explore STEAM and career fields where women are underrepresented.

Student learning STEAM skills at apprenticeship.

The Apprentice Learning program was my first real work experience. It showed me that I had options for my future jobs. If it wasn’t for the Apprentice Learning program, I would not have thought about my future profession at such young age. I personally always had a goal of college but the Apprentice Learning program opened my eyes to job opportunities.

– Kaya Fields, AL Alumni 2013-14, Mission Hill School

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