Dismal employment numbers for teens

The Commonwealth Corporation released a report last week, entitled, Signaling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Rates.

The employment news is dismal for teens. In 2012, only 27% of youth 16-19 years old were employed, down from 54% in 1999. Why? Teens are being displaced by older workers. It’s the economy….!

The good news is that Commonwealth Corp offered some salient strategies to help teens gain an edge in the employment market. These tips supported the work we are already doing in AL; strengthening a student’s presentation skills, the traits such as eye contact, learning to ask questions, dressing appropriately and being prepared. The research also supported what we already know: that these types of behavioral traits and proficiencies matter at all levels of employment, whether you are an entry level employee or the CEO.

Thanks Commonwealth Corp for your great research! To access the report:

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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