Fewer Dropouts in High Schools

A new report from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education indicates that the high school dropout rate is decreasing across the state, and especially in urban areas. Last year, 5.9 percent of students quit school, representing 969 students out of 16,293, according to state data. This is down from 9.9% in 2005-2006.

Tyrell working at Salmagundi.
Tyrell working at Salmagundi.

That’s a big jump! Why?

The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) played a significant role in helping young people stay in school with its innovative program, The Re-engagement Center. Another important element included connecting students to jobs and internships. These authentic learning experiences give credence to the value of a high school diploma and to the importance of a college education. Students, now employees, quickly learn the value of academic knowledge and good work habits that can be applied to the workplace.

Read the full article, “Stay in school efforts get high marks in Mass” in the Boston Globe.

Kudos to the staff at Boston’s PIC and the Re-engagement Center for their remarkable work in Boston and let’s not let up with our continued efforts to keep all students engaged and in school.

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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