I Got the Job!

Franchesca called full of excitement to share this news. It’s her first job and one that she worked to obtain by attending informational meetings, two interviews, and by following up weekly to make sure her application was on track.

The skills involved in each of these aspects of obtaining a job are an essential part of the Apprentice Learning experience. The world of work is more than showing up and shaking hands. It’s learning how to advocate for oneself and how to be persistent in the face of obstacles.

Franchesca is on her way to the Hyde Square Task Force as part of the youth leadership program, a competitive summer leadership program that will pay her a weekly salary. Participation extends into the academic school year and includes lots of related job opportunities throughout high school.

We are proud of Francescha and all of our Apprentices.

8th Grade Graduation
8th Grade Graduation

This year 88% will spend the summer before 9th grade engaged in some type of program or meaningful enrichment activity. This includes jobs, medical programs, academic programs, science and recreational camps. Experiences that will stem summer learning loss and offer meaningful relationships with adults and peers. These experiences are what help close the Opportunity Gap.

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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