Teach to the demands of real life

Jonalis working at Kitchen Central.
Jonalis working at Kitchen Central.
Front and center in our curriculum and practice is the idea of teaching ‘content and skills related to the demands of real life,’ a phrase from Donald Kagan. We use the experience of the workplace to bring this into clear focus and create opportunities to practice these skills:

  • Use self-presentation skills and non-verbal messages like eye contact, listening clues, posture, clothing to communicate with adults.
  • Understand one’s skills, interests, strengths and learning style to process information and advocate effectively.
  • Observe and understand a workplace culture’s expectations for success.

Apprentice Learning starts with explicit teaching and modeling in the classroom. Then students practice by videoing each other and offering critiques. Lastly, the workplace becomes the real world test where students have ample opportunities to practice in conscious and unconscious ways. To build learning, reflection is important. Watch one apprentice’s video here

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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