Family Business

Apprentice Learning has been around long enough that we have a few legacies. Like the Delgado family. Miguel did an apprenticeship in 2016 at MicroSoft and now has found solid footing as a designer with Artists for Humanity, blending his love of computers with his love of art. His younger brother, Adrian, is currently apprenticing at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop. He likes it so much and feels so much a part of the crew, tat he has asked if he can show up on Saturdays, too.

The secret sauce? Family engagement. Mary Delgado credits Apprentice Learning with creating new opportunities and vistas for her boys. But she has been an equal partner. During the matching process, we discussed ideas Adrian's placement and together, determined that the bike shop was a great fit. Mary even dropped by the bike shop at the end of Adrian's shift to see him at work. Mary and her boys attended our recent Skyline event and spoke about her experience with our program.

Family voices matter. We know our students will go further with all of us lending a hand.

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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