Making Connections: Northeastern University Volunteers

My name is Josie Lee, I’m a second year Chemical Engineering student at Northeastern University, and this semester I’ve been volunteering for Apprentice Learning. I had no idea what Apprentice Learning was until this semester, and from everything I’ve learned I truly think it’s a fantastic organization! The students are getting job exposure and have a wonderful opportunity to understand different work environments, and to discover their own passions. Having responsibility and working for tangible reward is something that encourages a lot of people, and it’s awesome these kids are exposed to that because it can motivate them throughout school to reach for responsibility and ultimately, the reward of a paying job.

I’ve loved volunteering for Apprentice Learning not only because I like the organization, but also because I get to interact with the kids. I’ve always loved volunteering because of the connections that I make. I love getting to talk to the kids and see what their view is about work, responsibility, and school. It’s interesting to hear what they say and to compare it with what I thought when I was their age and what I think now. Hearing their different perspectives is very refreshing, and I hope they take something positive from what I share with them. I hope that if they’re having trouble in any way, maybe I can offer an outsiders look and be a resource for them. Most of all, for me it’s all about making the connection and being as helpful as I can be as they travel to their apprenticeships and reflect on their work experience.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with Apprentice Learning this semester, and I hope to return next semester!

Josie volunteered with Apprentice Learning through Northeastern University’s Husky Volunteer Team (HVT). We are grateful for all her help this semester. To learn more about HVT and other community service visit

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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