Host an Apprentice: Together, we educate for the future.

Preparations are underway in schools for Spring apprenticeships. Over six weeks, eighth graders are identifying their strengths and interests, practicing handshakes and eye contact, all while learning about each of the apprenticeship options available to them beginning in the first week of March.

This past fall, most all apprentices (83%) had a perfect attendance rate. This demonstrates how engaged our apprentices were and that they had a sense of responsibility for showing up at their worksites—a valuable work habit! 

….when it comes to a job, you always have to be on time and polite in order to do things right.  —Angie, Community Servings

By creating these small successes, and linking them to larger goals, apprentices see the important link between career and school success. And we encourage those who did not succeed to try again!

We are enormously grateful to our 70+ worksite partners across the city who invite students into their workplaces and mentor them to succeed at work. Take a look at our list of site partners! Would you consider hosting a young person? Click here to learn more!

Executive Director of Apprentice Learning
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