Career Discovery at your Workplace

Together, we educate for our future.

When work experience happens at the right time in a young person’s life: passions emerge, opportunities arise, and newfound purpose propels students forward. At Apprentice Learning, we invite businesses to engage and shape their future workforce. These partnerships welcome all of Boston’s students to imagine a productive and satisfying future in their community.

Our experienced team matches students to your business and guides you to an impactful experience that can ignite a sense of purpose, deepen skills and broaden a young person’s sense of their future in our community.

With careful attention to updated health guidelines, our staff will help your business design an impactful experience.

Whether it is an Apprenticeship: six, once-a-week, two-hour sessions at a designated public location with for five students or a Workplace Exploration, a one day  visit with a group of 12 students. Apprentice Learning professionals will meet with you to design a community service opportunity that showcases your business and engages employees. Visits are typically three hours and include a snack or lunch. This offers ample time for adults and students to have a meaningful–and memorable– experience.

Apprenticeship fall dates begin during the week of November 1, 2022. Deadline for participating businesses is October 1, 2022

Workplace Explorations occur throughout the year. There is no deadline for sign ups.

To learn more about these opportunities, please complete the form below:

Fill out the form below or email us with you questions: info(at)apprenticelearning(dot)org

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