A Blueprint for the Future

Crystal Bi Wegner works with our City Summer Interns at the Design Studio for Social Intervention
Photo Credit: Stefanie @thediahannproject

“This experience better prepared me for my future through the career explorations we went on. This helped me because it allowed me to think more about what careers I may want to pursue and what steps I will need to take to get there. Along with this, this definitely helped prepare me for when I get a job during the school year because I will already have experience.” Mya Mooney, City Summer Intern

On August 11th, Apprentice Learning hosted a City Summer Internship Capstone project walkthrough to elevate the work of our interns. Interns shared their “blueprint” for the future, which included what they learned during their internship, their inspirations, future career plans and life goals. 

Our City Summer Internship (CSI) is a paid internship for girls where they meet professional women who become allies – living role models for success in the workplace. Additionally, our staff teach, model, and expect the development of a positive peer culture where girls can support each other to be smart and ambitious, a proven strategy for academic success.

CSI is part of a statewide summer youth employment program offered through the Commonwealth Corporation, Department of Youth Engagement and Employment, and the City of Boston, that serves youth 14-24, but specifically designed to meet the needs of 14-15 year olds. CSI is distinct in that it provides STEM-related experiences to younger girls in Boston Public Schools It’s vital that girls see themselves in STEM careers because STEM fuels Boston’s economy but women and, in particular, women of color are underrepresented. 

Michelle Stokes from the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development talks with Interns Kelly Ruan & Sophie Hallman about their Blueprint Project

“I have been able to expand my social connections and make friends with new people. I have an issue with talking to new people so being able to explore and reach beyond my typical comfort zone was fun.” Tiana Murray, City Summer Intern

We partner with some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic worksite partners including Slalom, GMO, Related Beal, MIT InnovationHQ, Foley Hoag, The Record Co. Hubspot, Boston Society of Architects, the Red Sox Foundation, Mayor’s Office, Dyer Brown, and Stantec

Our interns enjoyed working and learning with all of our worksite partners and shared a few highlights from their internship opportunities. 

Gigi Perez shared, “I liked the way HubSpot was decorated and it was cool to learn about technology and how their company works..”

Our City Summer Interns learn about the I.T. Staff at Hubspot during their workplace exploration.

For Sophie Hallman she appreciated exploring the Record Co. because, “They worked with Pro Tools, a program that I like a lot and we did so many fun things. I loved recording and playing with the instruments.”

Jehnai Belfon shared, “My favorite workplace exploration was Stantec because now I know that in engineering there’s a lot you can do. For example, you can watch the construction of the new project or you can plan it out or you can watch water pipes and make sure they’re working well. I also liked the activities we did as well. I think those were fun.”

Are you interested in learning more about our City Summer Internship program? There are a few ways to stay in the know. 

If you are interested in becoming a worksite partner, reach out to us here.

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